Paint Checking 


An RV's paint job is just like your car's however, RV's are not made of the same materials as a car. RV's are much larger with flat slab side sections. Temperatures, travel vibrations, and even some specific RV makes and models are more prone to causing paint issues. 

We typically see this issue on Winnebago's but it can be found on other makes as well. The probelm is traced back to a defect in the fiberglass material, which Winnebago, Fleetwood, National RV and others bought from a subsidiary of Dow Corning Glass. 

These RV manufacturer's warranty claims department will claim that is merely a "cosmetic defect" and therefore will not honor any structural defect warranty. In some rare cases depending on the  circumstances, some manufacturer's will warranty the issue.

like rust, paint checking is a problem that you either fix or just live with but eventually causes further problems down the road

Your best bet is to have Elite RV Service Center inspect your coach and we can diagnose and guide you in the proper steps in repairing the problem. 

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